Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sharing Midday With A Golf Course and Overcast Sky

It scatters the sound in a waterless shower
Stephane Mallarme

Noon is an opus
orchestrated in grey

Goose Vodka
bathing ice in a martini glass,

silk dress
giving the financier's wife
frilled shoulders
while a lizard
poses on driftwood,

and cloud cover
holding a bagful
of lightning --- ready to strike

a mimosa tree, splitting open
the trunk and moment
of decision.

But first
its presence incurs
the anticipatory
pulse, the drink's coolness

waiting to melt
and the woman
waiting for her husband's
next move ---

as he
( builder of tower and terrace)
calls her in
to reconcile on rich
satin bedding

texts his desire
to the Bardot blond
lounging in blue sea tides

while a palm leaf
combs her wet hair
in shadow.