Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Autumn Moving In From The Coast

The season unsettles, a sorceress
Calling up her wanton form
from coastal rock, wave and cypress tree.
She awakens my inner storm...
Nina Tai-Ling

You come wearing a crinoline
of winds blowing
crisp and cool,

your hair a loose twirl
of sequoia leaves,

your hands scented
with ocean salt and pine.

The high desert
did not expect you
so early.

Your arrival
takes us all by surprise:

The raven drops
a worm from his beak,

The sunflower
some dried seeds
from her jaw,

and I cast my shadow
under your brisk feet.

So walk-in and draw
the arid breath
from my lungs, exchange
your soul for mine.

Monterey woman, Monterey Fall --
the man of this house
needs a sea gypsy

to light the bath candles,
shape the bedsheets,
and most of all, to breathe --
wildly breathe.

Note -- The painting is called, "embrasement au soleil couchant" or "Ablaze by the setting sun". The arist is Marie-France Riviere and her gallery can be viewed at this website, www.griviere.com/expo2000.

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