Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Imaginative (The Fifth Trait)

appears young,
lovely girl with the taut skin
and long neck

using mushrooms, sea sponge
and volcanic clay
to uphold the myth.

Yet, her mind
is owned by a song
two thousand years away

that turns her skull
when evening tides wash in
from white bone to shell
spiraling down

to shadows lacquered
on an urn,
to shafts of grain
brushing the moon’s eyelid
which drew the goddess
and bridled deer
home at dawn.

Here, she wanders
a weightless nymph
submerged in the saltwater
fields of Atlantis.

She can feel her taste
strewn among the wheat
and olives, drawn
to the tall hero
with the steel bow
and tender heel.

His weakness the wound
of pride, Her find
the grace of staying

The painting is called "Sea Shell: by French artist, Marie-France Riviere.
More of her evocative and lovely work can be found here, www.griviere.com/expo2000.