Friday, April 8, 2011

Evening On The Coast

( A personal Oaisis)

We walk toward the garden,
calm with a lapse of wind.

You say the narrow moon
is a prawn dipped
in the cocktail shadow of night

and that star tingling light
beneath its tail -- ice
that chilled seafood;

or my bracelet charm
which caught your eye
as I fed you pineapple and shrimp,

the palm tree
dangling its diamond leaves
from my wrist

and hinting at the pool. Even now
this water stays warm, reflecting
lovers and the naked gleam
of marble.


The Beautiful painting showing a scene from a garden in Provence, "oaisis" is created by Renowned French artsit, Marie-France Riviere. More of her lovely work can be seen her at her on-line gallery ---

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