Monday, June 13, 2011

Forbidden Topics

They dwell in shallow silence
dragging beneath
our safe house of words, dark

strands of seaweed
the heron shuns
in tall reeds waiting
for a fish
to leap or shimmer.

Inside, we keep our collection
of priorities in sight, lined-up
on the mantle like white
earthenware vessels
lacking paint or shadow.

Each item is crafted
out of mutrual need;
but at times, you will attempt
to mention the floating matter
beyond our door.

The water is low
yet I fear wading
in its cold truth, of you
watching me drift -- naked
in thoughts I have
but have never owned.

The wetness wll turn
my shape from full woman
to half serpernt, Mélusine
as I slithter away
blue-lipped, my scales stunning --
a mesh of more lies.

Mélusine is a water sprite or magical being in European folklore described as being half woman and half serpent .. According to legend, she married a noble prince who was unaware of her inhuman qualities. She made him promise that he would never watch her bathe. Water revealed her true form and character.

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