Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Muse In A Poet's Loft

She cleans his room. Hands scrunch
white scraps of thought into carnations
using the dustbin as a wicker vase.

Drapes are torn off,
and one piece of sculpture is left
standing on the small armoire,

its stone angular, hammered down
to an immaculate form.
This is theme, Rodin in verse.

Poised with a basket
of shriveled language in her arms,
she walks out, secures the door latch
and whispers Fini!

The above poem is a favorite of mine and also a dear favorite of my partner, Jim. It expresses in a whimsical way how the poet's mind is cleared of  cluttered verbiage and dust. The muse is seen as  a savvy chamber maid who comes  to clean,  bring in more light and leave only those spare details that add  form and function.  
The sketch of The French Maid is by artist, Ann Marie Boyle.

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