Tuesday, March 5, 2013

An Existence

An existence by Gwendrina


( Inspired by Listening to Coyote Oldman)

A long haired boy
runs to see what's rushing
behind the trees.

He finds a river
washing the sky
over round and polished rocks.

He thinks of his father's shirt,
his mother's shawl,
his sister's jacket
bleeding into water --
varied shades of blue
from fish scale
to prairie blossom.

The fabric's dye
becomes the plasma
of kinship flowing
strong and loyal
toward the mountains.

This music haunts him;
he will never forget.


A long haired man
stands on the hill
playing a flute.

His song tells
of simple things that matter:

stones and clouds
sky and water
what has gone
and what comes back --

wind carrying seeds,
ancestors wearing
settler's cotton.


Summer breathes through his bones
as he breathes
through the graceful wood.

A golden hawk
skims the fir trees
and he glides in tune
with the bird's rhythm.

A few feathers fall --
mingling with the musk of pines,
the sound of being.


Note -- the background music is called "Tear Of The Moon" by Native American flutist, Coyote Oldman.

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