Monday, March 18, 2013

The Occurence


A spirit walk ( in or out) occurs when someone is so exhausted from life’s adversity   they wish to leave the mortal body and travel elsewhere. Often ,when such a person comes close to death, an exchange happens. The individual departs  his or her body leaving way for a new soul to enter…

                                                                       From The New Age Of Mysticism

Because the house is a dark hush
of low ceilings and stone walls, the steps
too narrow like her hips
that  could scarcely birth a son,
she shuns  her work
and a lamp flickering  
near some raw wool
that has been carded and hand-stretched
 into something useful.

Outside, she catches the wind
casting her breath to a burst
of petals shaken from the stalk.
Aimless in the whirl
of aster, thistle, and wild lace,
she sheds her grief and leaves
her body standing in the field, its shadow
patching a  sparse corner of  grass.

Inside, a white candle  burns
waiting for someone else
to come back, sorting through
her signature ways
                 and more wool.

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