Wednesday, July 31, 2013


       ( Death Valley, California, 2005)

After centuries, she made her recent

appearance here – where rocks became

ravenous for color. Blue

and lavender leaves. gold and coral

flowers. A netting of vines

that captured striped and speckled wings.

Everything bloomed. The silence

deep and low, an inflective why.

Beforehand, she  wrung the sky

with cold pressure causing

rain to fall for thousands of hours.

Squirrel and rabbit, lizard and snake

took refuge underground. The catacombs

echoed songs of bone and ash; all travelers

through the desert’s house –-

its heat and dust

flint and tinder, lightning and salt.

Yet,  some beautiful god  

once carved her face from stone

soaking in the clearest water. A fertile look

that shadowed the land

before more storms came – filling

her features with sand.

The sorrow of want, the ambiguity

of her return.



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