Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Catechism of Bowls

I passed on the perfect house

with high ceilings and hardwood floors.

My husband  baffled, almost breathless

when he asked why. The place had

no history of ghosts, enough trees to hush

the traffic and a  lawn  with no need

for  landscaping  However, there were glass bowl sinks

 in both bathrooms. Large and deep

with a frosted  tint. They bothered me.  And why?

I have china for fruit  Silver for punch.  Brass

for burning  incense.

This morning, I stare at our sink.

A white wand is on the counter

for two minutes and counting. Outside

a shower.  My husband said – it was going to rain

and  has hope more grass will grow

making the yard greener.

The timer rings. I look at the tester.

A minus sign like last time and the time

before.  I rinse my hands and remember

 that house, the vanity sinks. Bowls

should be more than beautification.

Bowls are meant to carry and hold, offer and accept  

not drain what’s poured into them.

Even if they hold a prayer’s breath

or vinegar to absorb odor, they fulfill  their role.

Bowls shouldn’t remain vacant

reaping dust and shadow. Hunger and tears.
Note -- the white wands, of course, allude to the shape
and color of those over the counter pregnancy testers; such
as those put forth by Clearblue, e.p.t. and first response, among others.

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