Monday, July 21, 2014

Contemplating A Rose

In the old books, a silk merchant
steals a rose for his daughter
from a private garden. The rose
is fabled to be the most exquisite
in the kingdom. Its pallor
could match that of the fairest maiden.
Often, I dismissed the idea
of a single rose gaining  such status
or summoning such desire. After all,
it was a storyteller's song.. Yet, last night
when the desert cooled at dusk
you found a branch of the rose bush
blocking the sprinkler. You snipped
the  sprig with a frail bud
about to open --  and brought it inside.
I placed the plant in a glass vase
with  water -- expecting it might die. This morning
a symmetrical  bloom
leans forward in praying mantis pink. Just there
bidding me to sigh, to trace
its contours with the light hand
of  the heroine in the fairytale,  to know
and feel as she did when first given
the flower, the coveted gift.
I sense her subtle pulse
radiating through  stem, leaf
and petal, the vine work
of my own wrist. This is Beauty's rose
our rose. Summer's offering
in the worst of dry  heat and rainless hours
A bribe to believe.

The lovely painting is by French artist, Marie-France Riviere and entitled --
"Une Première Dame en liberté ". More of her lovely work can be found here --

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