Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Appreciation From The Road


Home  again 
I unlatch the door
and wander though the house
dragging the slight luggage
of my bones.
They are lined with travel,
a silk-painted weariness
of the quaint and foreign.
Home  again
 I find your shoes
on the table. Polished but missing
their laces.
I want to string their holes
with a long strand of words.
A skein of sentence
that unravels
as I walk this room
your comb,  your decanter
of shaving cologne,
your white shirt
that lends cover
to a scratched chair.
A run-on reason
of why I bind myself
to you.  Our mutual journey
I thinks sometimes coming home after the travelling allows us to appreciate even more what we left and what is there to welcome us back. The journey taken enriches the mind and heart with new experiences and knowledge. And while that dazzles and intrigues, reflecting on what is not there, what is back at the familiar place, the home front, becomes a journey of longing. And once we return, off the road, a beautiful sense of appreciation arises. It comes in like a weary traveler ready to resume a way of living that has been put on hiatus but with new insight and fervor.

Note: The painting is called "The Green Bedroom, Morning" By Edward Hopper

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