Monday, October 13, 2014

A Late Approach

The day keeps mostly still
corset-stiff with heat and laced
in high degrees. She has worn
this garment for months --- moving
in little wind and layers of glare.
The  nights have lingered
in too much warmth - - causing her to turn
the hours restless and the leaf shrivel
on trees to rhythmic ticking.
How many seconds
before they pass, denied their right
to blush, flame and swirl
wanton in a lip-moist wind?
Her clock spell (cast upon them)
gives no answer, and she soon
discovers this --  Autumn
has just spared time for her
and   has not forgotten
how to love. The season enters
so cool and damp,  rain
breath-fallen on the hill. Its scent
pure and pined-for while the moon
glows like the match flame
that could light a candle;
and beckons a bird to sing
in its briar leaves  at night.
Only at night - a lover's song
when Fall comes at first
to lull the heat and  loosen
the breeze. When memories
disrobe in a darkness lengthened
to ease the sun, tender the heart.
Note -- The beautiful painting is called, "Communicant" by Henri Le Sidaner.

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