Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Watching Two Scenes Unfold

          A  Yuletide Painting
The girl steps down from decorating
a tree. Her hair strewn  with tinsel and Juniper
as it floods the eye with the light
of the Winter sun.
She smiles and summons a bird
that had been resting on the window sill.
The mourning dove lands in her palm
and she offers me his shadow.
         A Yuletide  Moment
I hang the last ornament
on our tree, a  golden sheaf of grain,
as you step out of the door way
into the hall. Your hair the lighter  darkness
of dusk  shading a countenance soft
with silence. You bring me a small  bowl
of black berries. Their fruit ripe
beyond sweetness, enough to make the room
seem closer, my pulse quicken.
Beautiful Christmas painting is called, "Decorating The Tree" by Carl Larsson

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