Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Joshua Tree

Here you are again
in my poem --
torch bearer of moonlight
and blue darkness that burns
into my brain
as I see
the spirits  you draw:
raven and coyote,
lizard and tortoise
owl and snake, squirrel
and jack rabbit.
They come to tell you,
tree of the ancient grove,
guardsman of the plain,
there'll be drought
furrowing the land
with sharp blades of wind,
rain shadow
and dry lightning
that sets to flame
many wicks of thistle
and sage,  grass and vine.
Most will leave
but a few will stay.
Those who throw
their hands to the sky
shifting to bark
and needle leaf,
those who will dwell
next to you 
as brethren or sisters.
and those at night
who know how to slip back,
silhouette into stances
that seem most human.
The moon stalking their field
with her chatoyant eye.


Dee Mallon said...


Gwendrina said...

Hi Dee,

Thank you so much for looking at my blog and taking time to read this poem. Your kind comment is sincerely appreciated!!

My Best