Monday, April 27, 2015



Scarcity and plenty are as much qualities of the mind and spirit

as they are of the economy.

                                             Robin Kimmerer


I dream of you at night
spreading blue wings over the field
and soaking the feet of  trees
in your coolness.
I hear  your voice pouring
operatic into the canyon --
aqua santa, aqua santa
catching on weed and vine,
their chords so dry -- they rasp fire.
I feel your presence flooding
river and stream. My spine
becomes the spine of fish
chimed with rain song, a rippling current --
a rippling prayer.
I breathe and breathe again
through gills that expand into wings  --
your wings  spread even, spanning
coast and countryside. The stillness parted.
The moon white and feathered
by the mist. A gull that does not cry
as you turn my blood to water. My spirit
into one of your own.
During times of personal or physical dearth, we must remember what is missing. We must be grateful for its existenceeven at a distance. We must embrace its presence, dream ourselves into its soul, hear its voice, feel its heartbeat, become its essence. In that way, we evolve to a higher perception of its spiritual gift and content. We fill the void with an appreciation for what it is and how we can replenish through prayer and balance, humility and kinship.




Yvonne D'Angelo said...

A meditative state on becoming one with the entity of water as it travels across terrains sustaining all of life.
There is a reverence here- a gratefulness.
"Aqua santa, aqua santa..."- Awesome choice of words in this piece. I loved it.

Gwendrina said...

Dear Yvonne

I am so glad you enjoyed this poem!! Your kind words and thoughts are deeply appreciated!
Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment. Your gracious words only enhance the
theme and contents of this poem.

Many thanks