Thursday, May 28, 2015

Addressing The Character

If she wishes to write well she will have to become someone....

                                                                                                      Barry Lopez

I will open the story

through your eyes

when I understand  your soul.


When I have prayed

with your beads,

broken bread with your dreams

in the evening light,


taken shelter

under the roof of your silence

only to find

leaks and lesions,

the tarnished silver

of a moon looming through.

Maiden, mother , crone

woman, wife, mistress --


all of  them, of you

possessed by it -- the powerless 

phase of becoming


slipping through the ruin

of this mortal

condition -- perhaps unleashing

the shadow self.

And there, then -- I unlatch  

 the door, disrobe the notebook

of its immaculate leaf

and let you in,

soiled and shimmering.
Beautifully provocative art-work is by artist, Florian Nicolle.


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