Thursday, May 14, 2015


 Creativity should always be a form of prayer.
                                                             Ben Okri

The moment unhooks her corset of wind
and leaves its blue bells dangling
in still air. Her body becomes  light
stretching through the trees
and beneath  stream water absorbing
the story that  takes shape
from whatever shadow
enters the scene, whatever scent
breathes through the ribs
of bulrush or willow, whatever spirit
webs briar and broken rock.
Disrobed and radiant, the moment
settles into her subtle craft -- waiting
for a voice, a hand and quill
to turn the greenwood's flesh
into words. A prayer, a song --
an act of creation.


Yvonne D'Angelo said...

And thus so you seize The Moment so well.
The personification used in this poem is awesome!
I love this piece!

Gwendrina said...

Thank you Yvonne,

This piece was inspired by memories of my back hillside woods in upper New York Stat where I lived as child but also this week's incredible series on "the magic and art of storytelling" over at terri' blogsite, "myth and moor". She has some gorgeous photos of the Chagford woods and environs that also helped inspire this piece.

Your kind words are deeply appreciated
Take care,
My Best