Thursday, May 7, 2015

May Blossom


You were born the day after
we lit pyres, each hive
of golden sparks
told what they must cleanse.

You were born the day after
we hung wreaths
blessing the womb
of earth and woman.

You were born the day after
bundled in leaves,
Pearl blossom
( of the scarlet berry)

sylvan child,
spawn of Hawthorne's mind.


Just loved the tradition and idea of Telling The Bees along with the lore of the Hawthorne tree/blossoms and Beltane Fires. A mix of thoughts came to mind when contemplating May and the emergence of the May blossom  including the 19th century writer of  The Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne. It was believed that he actually changed the spelling of his name from Hathorne ( without the w) to Hawthorne with the "w" like that of the woodland tree. He felt ancestral guilt about his great grandfather having been a hanging judge at the Witchcraft trials of the late 17th century.  Innocent people died at the hands of this judge and his terrible decisions. Nathaniel wanted to disassociate himself with that part of he family's history.

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