Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Courtship With The Heat

So the equinox has come
but these next hours say
more of the equator than Autumn:
white sun, sheer haze and salt marsh daisies
wilting on the coast.
The heat is back
sitting bare-legged
along the wharf, draped in a slinky wind.

Her presence dissolves
the pain in your shoulder,
lets you feel relaxed
like those birds gliding
over the low surf, steam-
pressing the air with their wings.

Tomrrow, she will be more intense
exposing more light, less breeze.
The ferris wheel on the pier
wil be deserted, a jaw-dropping stillness
that prompts the day
and everyone to guess
why she's back
breaking the city' record, dazzling statistics
with her impertinent stare.

Yet, you say she is cool, calm
defiance against the norm, a strength
you feel in your bones
and splintered pilings
that uphold this outlook
toward the sea.
The lovely image is by French artist, Marie-France Riviere. The painting is called, "Une Biche en Automne" or "A Hind in Autumn". More of her evocative work can be viewed at her on-line gallery, www.griviere.com/expo2000.

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