Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Nocturne Fading Into Light

insomnia is almost an oasis
in which those who have to think or suffer darkly take refuge.
Sedonie Gabrielle Colette

Listening to the long moan

of a train,

morning dark, pillows soft

near our window pane,

I breathe the cool scent

of dampness, your shirt

washed in deep pines.

Slim introvert,

I feign sleep reposing

next to you

and sense all of your dreams

journeying through

my mind as well.

They ride the early rail,

linked scenes moving

fast in shadow, spare detail.

My form bends with your bone-

sculptured grace.

You have suffered loss

but comfort leaves this space

for me to draw you close

whether you rest or rise.

The train song airs, your past

travels on with those skies

of night and paling dawn.

Here, my presence will remain

like water softening stone,

eroding a fine man's pain.


Note --The Lovely painting is called, Insomnia" by French artist, Marie-France Riviere. More of her fine work can be seen at her online gallery --

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