Tuesday, February 21, 2012

An Empress Spending Her Later Years In Paris

Are we to paint what's on the face, what's inside the face, or
what's behind it?
Pablo Picasso

Moments melt into morning's light
and your countenance softening
the skyline.

You watch this city sprawl
into a spring day. Blossoms
enlarge vine and branch. Birds mob
the blue air slowly unwinding
into a bridge of wings.

In a different way
your hands untwist long hair
that had been rolled carefully
inward. Its density
shimmers in the sunshine

as you detangle certain strands
and personal scenes
from Iran. On a balcony like this
you would stand observing
minarets that guarded the sea

and think of those white birds
who never move, their tall necks
stretched skyward, evoking a palpable sense
of unease
. On a morning like this

(only in Autumn) you viewed the garden.
Pomegranates were swollen-red,
inflaming the trees. Your body absorbed
their fragrance, vigilant candle
who knew it would soon be time
to extinguish fear and leave.
Note -- The above painting called, "Une Femme Unachevee" by Artist, Marie-France Riviere, inspired this poem and so did her choice of Picasso's quote. Though the artistt did not intend this to be a portrait of former Iranian Empress, Farah, her life and history came to my mind and she become the focus of my poem.More of this lovely artist's work can be viewed at her on-line gallery --- www.griviere.com/expo2000

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