Monday, April 2, 2012


( Somewhere in a small town in Gascony, France,)

Young women gather
on the vlllage lawn
to relax and laugh. Their hair
tucked under silk kerchiefs, their worries
under the warmth of tea
and buttered croissant.

Casually, they glance at their kids
who scribble color or feed
the sparrows. A white cat
wild and slender
watches in the distance.

Like an albino gypsy,
she reads the natural temper
of things. Light, shadow
and flower scent reveal

this is not a day
to hunt or calculate
one's existence.

The rooster on the clock tower
points southwest; a shift in pace,
the weather of dream and whim,
game and gossip.

Tomorrow, it will rain.
A factory whistle will blow;
the wind will have back its rival.

This beautiful painting (L'enfance Eternelle), reminiscent of a leisurely day in a small town accentuated by the presence of children and a whimiscal mood, is the work of French artist, Marie-France Riviere.

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Terina Maria said...

I love this!! I also love the image and poem about Ekao, the African Earth Goddess. I've bookmarked your page so I remember to come back and see more!! Beautiful Work!