Sunday, April 28, 2013

Along With The Vows

In certain folktales, the man , whether prince, farmer or huntsman, marries a surreal species of woman who is  often a fairy in disguise. The bride assumes a mortal shape to live her life on earth and in an ordinary way, yet she is owned by her roots, her birth right. Her need to occasionally return to her former self, becomes a dominant source of mystery and conflict throughout the story. In my poem, "Beyond The Bridal Veil", the bride has such a need and baffles her husband continually with her disappearance into another time and place. Yet, she only vanishes spiritually, her body stays in the same spot. Both the reader and the husband question the woman's sanity, her fading in and out of reality. Of course, the authenticity of the wife's magical  composition is left up to the individual.

Beyond The Bridal Veil

He watches the field sparrows
browse among weeds and pine needles. The fir tree
has spilled its share of sewing pins. Scattered
on the grass, they’re no longer useful
for tucking fragrance in the wind. Yet, his bride
will gather and place them near her altar.

She tells him they’re essential -- used  for fitting wings
on her torso. A pair she cut from the sky
one transparent day
when spirits could enter or leave the earth.

 Each season, She goes on  pilgrimage
to her green homeland. Her body stays at rest
 but her soul flies beyond the hills; and he is left owning
a mannequin in a white dress.  Light
slides through her hair like a slender snake
through water. So beautiful, he’s afraid of touching it.

Yet, after three sunrises  --  he knows she will return.
Her pills left on the dresser, smooth and round
as sea stones. Untouched by a changeling’s hand.
The beautiful artwork is by Spanish artist, Sonia Verdu.


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