Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The First Of May

This morning I received a beautiful gift from  my dear friend and artist, Marie-France Riviere.  She graced my day with a whimsical and charming painting called " Muguet de Mai" or May's Lily of The Valley. Her free-spirited girl riding a swing attached to the slender arch of a leaf, made me think  of  how that flower's  fragrance can uplift and overwhelm the senses. It fills the room and has a large influence on those it encounters. In a way, we shrink in its presence, returning to the enchantment of past days, forgetting , if only for the moment, what tasks and chores are still waiting to be done.


Lily Of The Valley
No one ever thinks
how you turn Lilliputian
when fragrance deepens in the day
and the slender overhang
of a leaf  aligned  with bells

empowers this plant
to hypnotize. Then  you swing
on the sweetness of flowers
into  morning’s shadow,  unaware
there are grown-up tasks at hand.

Clothes to wash, windows to clean
and cobwebs to shred
only to unveil  -- more corners
where little things breathe. Secrets
and notions that possess
a magic scent of their own.
Note -- The beautiful painting is called, "Muguet de Mai" by French artist
Marie-France Riviere.  No copies or application of
of this work can be made or used without direct permission from the artist. To
see more of her gorgeous work, please visit  her blogsite which can be found here -

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