Wednesday, October 2, 2013


We must look within ourselves
For the purpose,  the guardian
Who will secure  it.
                                 Nina Tai Ling

I ‘m looking for a woman

capable of locking in

or locking out

whatever keeps the poet

from distraction.


Sometimes a distant train

and song sparrow

stimulate cadence, stressed

and unstressed thought.


But sometimes, they become

too reminiscent of travel –


a lilting Ave

 falls too soon

into a long-fading farewell.


She must know the difference.


I need someone who can survey

the lines and illuminate

the silhouette beneath, the image inferred.


Such a craft is key, inherent

as that of the gypsy

who reads  leaves and stones,

the pull of moon, the sway of string.


I want someone  who can levitate

 self worth. Raise me from the pit

and  keep me suspended, sanguine


for at least

the duration of a poem’s

final draft.


I know I have known her --

she is part muse, part psychic,

the long wands,  the sparked breath

of Maude Gonne and Marie Leveau.

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