Thursday, December 19, 2013

Winter Divinity

In the afternoon light, grass
is a brown sweep of fabric,
the dragging robe of a saint
where sparrows and doves
feed on its scattered seeds
and pine needles.
                        The scent
of wood smoke and old roses
haunt the air – reminiscent
of boughs that were sacrificed
for fuel, and fallen petals
gathered for mulch
                       protecting milder
saplings and shrubs. An aura
of giving pervades the garden.
And I hail St. Francis
praising what he might call
the divine work, the collaborative flame
                   Of Brothers Sun and Wind.
This gorgeous print  is by artist, Marie-France Riviere, her tribute to both
Pope Francis and Saint Francis. More of her lovely paintings can be found
here --
at her online gallery/website.

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