Sunday, November 16, 2014

Snow White's Visitation

The winter air
so clear and cold, it
covers the mountains
like a glass lid
and beneath -- darkness
tumbles along the snow.
The hair of a princess
falling into the folds
of her bridal gown.
She has already
lived her life
in the fairytale, awakening
to a prince
and prosperous fate, but this
is her specter
mounted on the dais
of the high desert terrain.
She looms before that bride
who sleepwalks through the day
dazed by the spell of routine
and deft fingers
indentured to cell or tablet
 the same way her ancestors
were bonded to loom
and spindle. The woman 
who chews an apple, slice after slice
 inducing her mind
to forget the prince, the partner
who needs to perceive
his reflection
in her mirror. Her voice
at coloratura pitch
shattering the ceiling, the keen silence
             with joy.  
 So many times fairytales these days are turned into jaded views of courtship, love and marriage along with a great deal of cynicism. This is sort of my reaction to that; saying Snow white's specter looms on the horizon as a reminder to the wife who is totally absorbed in her career and ambitions, her identity as a self-contained maven , that her partner needs to be recognized as a vital part of her life and that his presence/reflection should also be reflected in her outlook (her mirror). And in doing so, her voice should also inflect that high sense of joy thus shattering the glass barrier of isolation that prevented this relationship from ascending to a higher level of understanding and communication.




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