Sunday, November 16, 2014


She was the restlessness,
the rewilding of us;
and so, she pulled us
into a house of woods.
Its walls pillared
with camellia and cedar.
Its floor strewn with leaves
and the mud underneath
damp. Her feet did not
imprint the earth
while ours left traces
of boot  and shoe.
We stopped by a stream
where salmon came to spawn
and cranes flung their white
shawls across the sky
flying south.
Lost in the presence
of birds and fish, she drew
our attention
rubbing together
two stalks of kindling.
We became wood smoke.
Our spirits diffused
to drift and linger,
to pilgrimage
on the forest path
finding near twilight
what needed, (what yearned)
to be retold --
          and  remembered.
Beautiful artwork is by Japanese artist, Enoki Toshiyuki

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