Monday, August 17, 2015




(Thinking of  quiet, Autumn and Brodsky.)

Leaves of the witch hazel

linger golden on the branch

giving light

                       to the timbered dusk.


A tide of evening shadows

filters in -- and the hunter



remembering  his house

in a distant hour by the sea.


His woman

sat near the window folding clothes,

her hair illuming the glass

without a lamp

                      or moon.


Quietly, the waves rolled in

with rain; and he sat quietly, too,

loving how she lit --

                        a small space

in a cool, high-ceilinged room.


Yvonne D'Angelo said...

So nice to see you're back. Beautiful words as always.
Been enjoying your work on Myth & Moor too.
I'm ready for Fall so your poem made me happy.
Surprised by the subject matter of The Big One though. Would never have imagined it was written by you. Guess I'm not into worrying about something I have no control of these days. This summer has been so heavy with problems, just want to surround myself with joyful song.

Gwendrina said...

Hi Yvonne

So sorry to hear you have had problems this Summer. I will keep you in m prayers. And thank you so much for your kind words on my poetry. The Big One was directly inspired by the article I referenced in the link. Candescent was inspired by Autumn but also a beautiful poem by Joseph Brodsky called "October Tune". I read it in The New Yorker magazine in 1987 and never forgot it.

Take care

Yvonne D'Angelo said...

Going to look up "October Tune" right now!
Prayers are always welcome. You are a very kind, sweet soul. Thank you.