Monday, August 17, 2015

The Big One, From The Book Of Cascadia

The other side will rush east, in a seven-hundred-mile liquid wall that will reach the Northwest coast, on average, fifteen minutes after the earthquake begins. By the time the shaking has ceased and the tsunami has receded, the region will be unrecognizable.

                                                                            Kathyrn Shultz, The New Yorker

The gardeners speak in their own language

as they trim the rose bushes -- then suddenly

stop. Dogs wail. The sky spills it sac of dark birds.


Part Mayan or Aztec, they know the strange ways

of wing and fur, the pulse of  rock and water

fearing something is about to erupt.


One of the men whispers ,  She's in her coffin

knocking, telling us  --- she's been  buried alive

for centuries, shifting, stiffening...


Another man hushes his friend,

say nothing more, I tell you, nothing.


They pack up their tools and leave.


A small girl looks through the window

of her house. Her face echoes through the glass

like that of a  moonlit child in a fairytale -- knowing

 something wicked is coming, coming


to drown the world in a cauldron

of saltwater and crushed pine, bones of the forest

mingling with others. The Witch is known

to collect many for flavoring -- her stock, her stay

of just minutes that turns

                                spellbinding, massive.

For more details and information regarding the "Big One" as described in this epigram from
The New Yorker Magazine -- go here --

The drawing is by artist, Alan Lee.

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